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HCMC University of Technology and Education Celebrating 55 YEARS
(1962-2017) on 05/10/2017

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   At the end of this summer vacation and the start of new beginning years, passing through the national examination, over 180 students from Thermal Technology and Automotive Technology – HCMUTE are interesting to get the new life in university environment with a lot of challenges and chances in the future. In the purpose to help student adapt to these changes, the FVEE held the celebration and overview programs to students with many activities. 
The FVEE held a meeting for first-year students to help them be more confident in communications. In this meeting, students are popular about FVEE’s information and methods for studying in university. After that, students visited FVEE’s workshops in both automotive engineering and thermal engineering. In this session, students also listened some introduction about workshops and subjects to help students can determine their orientation.

The FVEE also held a tour which was intended for first-year students to pay a visit to Den Hung. In this session, students have the opportunity to hear the heroic history of the nation, known about the process of setting up the country over the Hung King. In addition, the incense offering was to express deep gratitude to the Hung Kings who had been honored by the Dean and students. 
To help students in learning activities, THACO awarded a lot of scholarships for students with each one is 5 million. Besides that, the lead of the faculty also gave some gift for students. In the end of an activity to celebrate first-year students, many students has been gained some knowledge and information beneficially. 
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