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On September 28 th , 2017 the final round of the Historical Contest “ To be proud of HCMUTE’s students ” was took place with an outstanding performance among three teams : The FHQ – Team A, the FVEE – Team B and the FCE – Team C. After 4 rounds, the FVEE’s Team won the champions with 450 scores.

The FVEE’s Team - The winner in this contest
In the beginning of this contest, with multiple choices round in person, both of FVEE’s Team got the highest rank to continue in the semi-final round. In this round, the second team of FVEE luckily obtained the authorization to attend in the final round, the first team got 4 th in the rank. Nevertheless, they always support their friends enthusiastically.

Members of FVEE’s Team in the final round

They always follow and support their team
After 4 rounds, the FVEE’s second Team led the scores which shows that the effort of each member. Nguyen Hoai Bao – the Captain is the person who looks for materials, summarizes for his members from HCMUTE’s history to every faculties, departments.

In the third round, with the contest is “ The Talent You Are ”, they sang a traditional song of FVEE to bring the proud of them about their major, their faculty and all of FVEE’s students.
The FVEE’s second Team won the Champions of this contest to bring the exceptional achievement for FVEE to celebrate the 55 th anniversary of HCMUTE.
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