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Practice of Internal Combustion EngineCourse code: PICE331030, Credit: 03

    Course Description

The content of the course includes the academic knowledge about:

-          The principle of the internal combustion engine based on reciprocating piston engine, the principle and structural characteristics of the power-plant system and the details of the automobile engine.

-          Methods of using measuring instruments in the mechanical engineering area (calipers, micrometer…)

-          Methods to overhaul an engine, procedures of disassembly, inspection and measurement of disassembled parts, reassembly procedures and finally functional check and adjustment on the internal combustion engine.

-          Composition, principles of fuel systems used in Diesel engine, high-pressure pumps, injectors used in Diesel fuel systems. Processes toward disassembly, testing, repairing and adjusting, reassembly the high-pressure pump (PF, PE, VE and GM...) and the fuel nozzle.

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