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Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering
, formerly Automotive Engineering Board was established in 1962, in the early days of the school establishment. In 1972 the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Automotive at the University of Education. In 1975, the faculty was changed to the Division of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Automotive, until 1987, becoming the Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering at the University of Technology and Education Ho Chi Minh City.

Over 50 years of construction and development, the faculty has a long tradition and valuable experience, Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering has established the genuine brand, high status and prestige in society. Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering is one of the biggest scales of the school in the areas of education, scientific research and other activities. The faculty is a leading scientific training and technical sectors of Automotive Technology in the system of engineering schools in the country.

The faculty has a team of educators, scientists, who got high qualified and experienced in the areas of education, scientific research and technology transfer, has trained and provided an immense source of  masters, engineers, technical teacher within two sectors of Automotive Technology and Heating Technology. Graduated students of the faculty are highly qualified for technical skills, that help them meet the requirements of employers  in all the areas of management, teaching, manufacturing , technical services, business, ...

In addition, the faculty is also the center of retraining, advanced training and transfer of technology for teachers and technical schools, businesses. We have also researched and produced models, teaching facilities that have provided for specialized training schools in our the country.

Up to now, the Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering has had four departments: Internal Combustion Engine, Chassis and Body, Automotive Electrics and Electronic and Thermal Engineering Technology. The staffs and employees involved in lecturing at the faculty reach 50 people (full-time 40 people), including 03 associate professors, 10 doctors, 12 PhD candidates, 25 masters. The scale of faculty students is about 2,200 graduate students, full-time students, 300 in-service training students. The faculty has applied the quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 on the activities and management of the faculty since 2006.



Currently, we are applying the training program of 150 credits for undergraduate program. The training program is innovated to science-driven approach CDIO and updated regularly to keep up with the development of science and technology.

The training program:

Graduate: 02 Master Programs

     - Engineering Mechanical Dynamics

     - Thermal Engineering

Undergraduate: 04 programs

     - Automotive engineering technology

     - Thermal Engineering Technology

     - Automotive Technical Education technology

     - Thermal Engineering Technical Education Technology

College: 01 programs

     - Automotive engineering technology

The short-term training courses:

    - General Training Toyota Repair Technician and Bodywork Repair - Training Programs authorized by Toyota Vietnam

     - Advanced Training of Technicians Automotive Repairs

     - Linking professional training at the units, companies


Activities of scientific research and technology transfer in recent years have achieved many significant results. In 5 years, the faculty has conducted 160 scientific research topic, which has 16 scientific research projects at ministry level, and at the city level, 105 scientific research of student grant. All topic was got the good and high value assessment. Scientific research activities of the faculty have achieved many awards in competitions and playgrounds as: 2 third prizes and consolation prizes for Innovation Competition Vietnam Science and Technology, Creative Incubator, Robocon, Driving eco and save fuel. MIN 10 faculty teams have excellent special prize in the contest Honda Eco Mileage Challenger 2014, Honda Vietnam Company with record of 1,089 km/liter, the Vietnamese representative competitions in Japan.

Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering regularly organizes many conferences and scientific seminars, professional exchange with the participation of many scientists at our country and abroad.

Faculty have a relationship closely and efficiently with many organizations, schools and units, domestic and foreign companies in the field of training, support internships, jobs, scholarships, equipment practice, ... such as Toyota VN, Ford VN, Isuzu VN, Bosch, Refrigeration Industries Company Searifico, Guntner, company Bitzer, Daikin, the Automotive Service Dealers ...


Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering has a system of laboratories and workshops, equipped with modern facilities to better service the needs of learning, researching of teachers and students.

   - 04 laboratories: Internal Combustion Engine laboratory, Chassis and Body laboratory, Automotive Mechatronics laboratory, Micro Heat Transfer laboratory.

     - 06 practice workshops: Gasoline Engine workshop, Diesel Engine workshop, Chassis and Body workshop, Automotive Electrics and Electronic workshop, Body and Paint workshop, Heating Refrigeration workshop.

     - 01 Open Lab for students.

     - Thematic rooms.


     - Third Labor Medal - 2008;

     - Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister - 2012, 2014;

     - Merit of the Minister of Education and Training - 2012, 2013, 2014;

     - Title of excellent labor collective for years from 1999 to 2014.


     As one of the 03 major faculty of the university, we are going to achieve the accreditation criteria of the State, on par with prestigious universities in Southeast Asia.

   As faculty, our major studying is the field of aerodynamics, automotive technology, thermos – refrigeration, oriented professional - applications. We can train and qualify from colleges, universities, Graduate and PhD.

     We are going to get the Inspection for AUN Standard of Training Program of Automotive Engineering Technology.

   Research and development of faculty are associated with the training and technology transfer, which help to rebranding of the faculty in the field of training.

   We are expanding relationships with businesses, community service. Create a positive influence to the operation of the unit, business related careers.

  We are deploying the application of management techniques, advanced university governance, focusing on the full implementation of the strategic objectives of HEEAP and international integration.


Key criterions

By 2018, the Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering will achieve the following key criterions:

     - Scale of students: 3,000 students, learners (including 2,500 students, regular learners).

     - Total staff: 50 people. Inside:

         • Number of full-time lecturer: 46

         • Number of offering lecturers: 10

         • Number of staff serving: 04

- Qualified of lecturers:

         • 50% have certificate of PhD, while 10% are associate professor

         • 50% have master degree

         • 80% of lecturers have the ability to communicate in English

- Facilities:

         • 03 thematic rooms, 12 classrooms in the workshop

       • 05 laboratories: Engine, Chassis, Automotive mechatronics, Heat Transfer, Thermal - fluid and renewable energy

     • 08 workshop: Gasoline engine, Diesel engine, Chassis and Body, Body and Paint, Automotive electrics and electronic, Heating and refrigeration, Machine Construction, New Energy

The plans and specific solutions

About Training

- Construction of the project to open 03 new training programs (construction machinery, automotive mechatronics, new energy) has a university degree during 2016 - 2018 Training Doctorate in Engineering Mechanical Dynamics years 2015 Thermal Engineering 2018; To accelerate the compilation of textbooks and reference materials for the training program TC 150; Quality inspection programs industry Automotive Engineering Technology AUN standards;

About the organizational structure and human resources

- Rearranging the organization into 07 departments (establishing new 03 departments: Construction Machinery, New Energy, Energy Economics and Transport). We will nominate our lecturers to study abroad and attend PhD, recruited lecturers who have specialized in the specialties that have been planned to open training sector.

- Prepare to organize lecturing some specialized subjects in English. We are sending lecturers to practice, professional training in the business, short-term study abroad in order to improve skills and access to modern technology.

- We are going to improve the management effectiveness and quality of work according to the advanced management system. Apply system capacity assessment done (KPIs) at the department to assess the competence of each individual / department to manage, encourage labor outcomes of officers and employees effectively.

Regarding scientific research, technological development

- Reorganize the key research groups to operate effectively. Sign up and implementation of state-level science research projects and key ministerial, ministerial level, the municipal level, school-key level and school level projects. We are going to improving the quality of scientific research subjects to have high applicability served in manufacturing and in training. We are also organizing conferences, specialized scientific conferences, strengthening cooperation with educational institutions in and outside the country, businesses in the scientific research and technology transfer.

Regarding international cooperation, business relations

- We continue to maintain and develop collaborative relationships with businesses, companies with related industries in the fields of training and exchange of expertise, technology transfer, scientific research, school activities, internships, grants and scholarships, ... Combined with overseas research students, we put the partnerships with foreign universities, enhancing the advertisement, building the English website of our faculty.

Regarding community service

- We participate in activities, social work, join activities combined student volunteers and additional training at the local knowledge required. We are also participating in promotional activities, admissions counseling, Open day to attract new learners.

- We are going to gathering information from local businesses to identify the actual needs matching strengths of our unit. Combined with Student Management Division, we build a data bank of graduates.

Regarding infrastructure development

- We are going to build 02 new workshops: Construction Machinery, Energy, repairing and upgrading automotive mechatronics workshop. We are also sorting, planning the center of scientific laboratories. Besides that, we plan to invest in upgrading the work of faculty office, office department and lecturer workroom.

- We are planning to invest in equipment of laboratories, workshops, invest in construction of automobile service centers, research centers and technical applications of heat transfer and new energy.

Planning to 2020, Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering with key motivation is the departments will develop a strong organization of structuring classified scientific, operational efficiency. Lecturer qualifications are standardized and enhanced. Infrastructures are invested toward modern and synchronize. Laboratories and workshops are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure the results of training achieving high quality.

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